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EasyH10 related sites

EasyH10: Database construction and playlist conversion without iriver plus (in MisticRiver)
A thread on the MisticRiver forums for the exchange of information regarding EasyH10.
H10 database reverse ingeneering (in MisticRiver)
Another thread in the MisticRiver forums discussing the technical specifications of H10 database.
EasyH10 tutorial written in Japanese
A tutorial translated into Japanese by Nyaochi
EasyH10 users' manual written in Japanese
A users' manual translated into Japanese by Nyaochi

Other useful software/link for iriver H10

iRiver Firmware Updates
A web site that shows a list of the latest firmware released in iRiver's online updates ( The list is updated periodically every 30 minutes. RSS (2.0) feed for the latest firmware is also available.
iRiver H10 5GB/6GB/20GB Manual Firmware Update Tools
A tool that updates the firmware of your H10 player without iriver plus. It is an official software distributed by
iRiver H10 Font Customizer
Changes the font used for displaying characters in an H10 player. Generating an iRiver-specific font file from fonts installed in your PC, it will install the new file into the player ("\System\Font" folder). Refer to a thread in the MisticRiver forums for more information (English).
iRiver Wiki
The Wiki for iRiver products, containing information regarding the H10 series players.
HDD Audio/Video :: Firmware Links (in MisticRiver)
A page containing useful links for the iRiver H10 players.

Other related links

Solon's dedicated pages for the Philips™ HDD100/120
Another reverse-engineering effort for the Philips HDD100/120 players. Interestingly, the database specifications of iRiver H10 and Philips HDD100/120 players are similar (they have DB5000.HDR, DB5000.DAT, and DB5000_*.IDX) but not identical. For example, a media database for the Philips HDD100/120 cannot store information concerning rating, playback count, and recent playback time. LogoValid XHTML 1.0!