EasyH10 Forum was merged to PMPlib Forum (2007-01-07)

EasyH10 Forum was moved to the new location and merged to PMPlib Forum. You can use the same user name and password to log-in to the new forum as the account information was imported to the new forum. The posts were also taken over to the new forum although I removed some posts that do not fit to the new forum.

The reason for this migration is because the old server ( has too tight security to maintain the forum: no write access, no sendmail, no session support, etc. Therefore, the old forum could not provide search, email notification, and attachment facilities.

EasyH10 and PMPlib are closely related projects. I hope the forum integration will also bring benefits to exchange information about portable media player.

EasyH10 1.5 released (2006-10-09)

EasyH10 1.5 was released. The changes since 1.4 are:

EasyH10 1.4 released (2006-06-13)

EasyH10 1.4 was released. The source and binaries are available at EasyH10 Stable release. The changes since 1.4 beta 1 are:

I was trying to release this before my journey on the last half of May, but couldn't. Apologies for those who has been working on and waiting for this release.

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] 1.4 beta 1 released (2006-04-30)

After a break of the development, the beta test for EasyH10 1.4 has been started. The major update in this release is tuner-preset converter, which imports/exports the tuner preset in H10 player from/to a local file.

The remaining tasks for EasyH10 1.4 release are:

Please report bugs and comments for this beta release.

EasyH10 [Cocoa GUI] beta 2 released (2006-02-11)

An updated version of EasyH10 [Cocoa GUI] was released by barrywardell.

A big news for Mac users: EasyH10 [Cocoa GUI] (2006-02-08)

I'm aware that there has been a great demand for EasyH10 GUI version on MacOS, considering the user group who use fascinating/stylish PCs such as iMac. Although EasyH10 CUI works fine on MacOS environments, I couldn't prepare EasyH10 GUI version for MacOS users simply due to the limitation of my skill and time.

The other day, Barry Wardell (barrywardell), who also joined the EasyH10 project as a developer afterward, started a long-waited effort to implement the Cocoa GUI frontend for EasyH10. As the result of his excellent work, I am pleased to announce that EasyH10 GUI has been successfully ported to MacOS. DMG package (easyh10-1.2.1_cocoagui-b1.dmg) is available at EasyH10 Development release. Many thanks to barrywardell and special thanks to adamti91, frokost, supernaut1, and astroboy64!

Please remind that this is the initial release of EasyH10 [Cocoa GUI]. Comments and bug reports are greatly welcomed. Use the forum for further discussion about this release.

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] version 1.3 beta 1 released (2006-01-23)

A new development (unstable) version was out. EasyH10 becomes a more maniac tool with this update.

Currently, only EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] version is available at EasyH10 Development release. If you have a comment or opinion about these new features, please post it in the forum. Enjoy!

EasyH10 version 1.2.1 released (2005-11-25)

Although this is a minor bug-fix release, it must be a good news for Linus users. By courtesy of Masaya Kato, I am pleased to announce that EasyH10 version 1.2.1 is released with RPM/SRPM packages. You can install the binary RPM package or build your own binary package from the SRPM package. Enjoy!

EasyH10 version 1.2 released (2005-10-31)

This is an update release for the new H10 2.51 firmware that iRiver released last week. This update also includes a useful enhancement for MP3 files that iTunes generates for omnibus albums.

EasyH10 version 1.1.1 released (2005-10-22)

This is a minor bug-fix release.

Thank you very much for the bug report, ctkatz.

EasyH10 version 1.1 released (2005-10-21)

As iRiver released H10 20GB MTP firmware 2.50, they revised the database specification a bit. The change was so minor that I have no idea about why they had to change the database specification. However, the change was also enough to make EasyH10 1.0 incompatible to the new firmware. This is the update release for H10 20GB firmware 2.50 although it was just less than two weeks ago that I have released EasyH10 1.0...

Please update the setup program to "easyh10-1.0-2_win32gui_setup.exe" (2005-10-15)

Update on 2005-10-19: This found out to be false positive. You don't have to worry about the Trojan even with previous 1.0 and 1.0 beta 8.

I got a report from a user that AVG free 7.0.344 detects a Trojan horse "Dropper Agent.RT" in the setup program distributed in EasyH10. I believe this detection is false positive, but summarize the current situation:

I'm not sure "easyh10-1.0_win32gui_setup.exe" actually infected by the Trojan horse or not at this moment. But I suspect the detection result of AVG free 7.0.344 because:

Therefore, I presume the detection is false positive (i.e., AVG free 7.0.344 detected an innocent code segment as "infected"). However, in order to make assurance double sure, I regenerated the setup program "easyh10-1.0-2_win32gui_setup.exe" with the latest NSIS 2.10. I confirmed that this setup program is not detected as "Dropper Agent.RT" by AVG free 7.0.344 any more. If you use EasyH10 setup program, please uninstall the previous version and install "easyh10-1.0-2_win32gui_setup.exe" just in case. You don't have to update zip archive version, "".

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you. Thank you for the report, wulfs. Nyaochi.

EasyH10 1.0 released (2005-10-10)

I am very pleased to announce that EasyH10 finally hits 1.0 today, 10 October 2005. I wish you a pleasant music life with H10 and EasyH10!

EasyH10 has been successful while it is a young (five-months-old) project. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who involved in this project.

EasyH10 logo, banner, web, and icon degisn (2005-10-01)

We are calling for your help to improve EasyH10 logo, banner, web pages, and icon. Please see this thread. Now closed. Thanks. Nyaochi

EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 8 released (2005-09-24)

EasyH10 now officially supports H10 MTP models shipped in EU countries. Since MTP models are now shipped even outside of North American countries, we decided to change the terms to distinguish UMS and MTP players as follows: "Intl" -> "UMS"; and "NA" -> "MTP". Please uninstall the previous version before installing this version so that the old template files (H10Intl*.model and H10NA*.model) are removed from the computer and disapper in the selection.

I'm wondering when the firmware update for UMS players will come, but going to release 1.0 RC 1 next week after conducting some tests. As I'm not a native-English speaker, it would be appreciated if you could help me improve the English expressions especially in: top page (exclusing News section); manual page; tutorial page; EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] users's guide; EasyH10 [CUI] manual; and EasyH10 manpage. Please contact me in advance to discuss the most convenient way for you to revise these contents. Thank you.

EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 7 released (2005-09-13)

This is a bug-fix release. Please use this version if you are using EasyH10 [CUI] on POSIX-like environments.

EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 6 released (2005-08-29)

This release contains several usability enhancements and bug-fixes:

Other news.

EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 5 released (2005-08-10)

This is a bug-fix release.

I'm going to take two-week holidays. So this is the last update before my holidays. If you need a support or help concerning EasyH10, post it to EasyH10 Forum or this thread, and someone may help you. Although I may not respond to your bug reports for two weeks, don't hesitate to send an email to me.

EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 4 released (2005-08-08)

Although I have just released version 1.0 beta 3 the day before yesterday, this is another serious bug-fix release against "incorrect displaying" problem reported in this thread.

When sorting path names, file names, title names, etc. to generate H10_*.idx files, the previous EasyH10 converted upper-case letters into lower-case to make the sorting order case-insensitive. This rule is compatible with a requirement for calculating CRC values: we must convert upper-case letters into lower-case. However, this was not true for sorting strings: we had to convert lower-case letters to upper-case. The difference becomes obvious when a user has following folders:

a) \Media\Music\Artist\Album I\
b) \Media\Music\Artist\Album II\

The previous version arranges these path names in a) to b) order because lower letter 'i' comes after '\' in the ASCII table. In contrast, the new version arranges these path names in b) to a) order because upper letter 'I' comes before '\' in the ASCII table. H10 players are so naive that they cannot work properly even with this small difference of sorting order.

I suppose that this update finally fixed all problems that I know at this moment. Should you have other problem with EasyH10, please let me know as soon as possible.

EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 3 released (2005-08-06)

This is a serious bug-fix release.

I still got two bug reports concerning "incorrect displaying" problem, which shows a messed-up information when playing a song even though song naviation in the MUSIC mode works fine.

EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 2 released (2005-07-28)

This is a minor bug-fix release.

I got one bug report that is fixed with this release after the release of 1.0 beta 1. If I don't get any bug report by 31 Jul 2005, EasyH10 will move to 1.0 Release Candidate.

EasyH10 port for Medion MDJUKE220 (2005-07-28)

Welcome to EasyH10 world, Medion MDJUKE220 users! As is discussed in this thread, I ported EasyH10 to support Medion MDJUKE220 player. Although MDJUKE220 has the similar database specification as iriver H10 does, the specification difference forced me to fork the source code from version 1.0 beta 1. In the future I want to merge this patch into the official source code, but didnít because EasyH10 for iriver H10 is in the beta stage for releasing 1.0. Enjoy EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] for MDJUKE220.

By the way, Iím not so eager to provide EasyH10 variants for other models due to the limitation of my leisure time. I will put efforts to eliminate the technical difficulty (i.e., reverse engineering and analysis of database specification) but will not do some time-consuming tasks such as changing dialog items, hints, messages, and icons. These tasks should be done by users who actually own the players and can take responsibility for them. This statement does not mean that EasyH10 project will not support other models but is short on staff to maintain ported versions. If you are interested in maintaining EasyH10 port for your model, please let me know and join the EasyH10 project.

EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 1 released (2005-07-23)

This is the first beta release towards EasyH10 version 1.0 final. I will concentrate on bug-fixes and stabilization and not include any additional functions to EasyH10 version 1.0. This release contains a number of enhancements and bug-fixes:

Although I performed a set of tests with this release, it may contain a few unknown bugs. Should you notice any bugs and problems, please let me know as soon as possible. The release plan for EasyH10 1.0 is:

  1. Update the web site for version 1.0
  2. Release 1.0 beta 2...x (only bug fixes and translation updates)
  3. Release 1.0 RC (next weekend, hopefully)
  4. Release 1.0 Final

Due to my poor release planning and management, EasyH10 1.0 beta 1 is not fully translated in some languages. The contributors did update their translation texts for EasyH10 0.16 beta, which is skipped for this release. Sorry for the inconvenience and discourtesy for the translators, but I put a higher priority for EasyH10 1.0 beta 1 to be tested by as many users and made a decision to release it today. I will update the language DLL as soon as I received the updated translation.

EasyH10 version 0.15 beta released (2005-07-16)

Due to the change of setup program, if you installed EasyH10 version 0.14.1 beta with the MSI installer or setup.exe, please uninstall it from the Control Panel before installing version 0.15 beta.

I pleased to announce that EasyH10 version 0.15 beta was released especially for one major bug-fix: database entry problem.

If you still have a problem with EasyH10 version 0.15 beta, don't hesitate to contact me. I will fix it.

EasyH10 version 0.14.1 beta released with a crash-bug fix (2005-07-12)

Soon after the release of EasyH10 version 0.14 beta, I got a crash report from Tim Ragnwald. Thanks to his detailed report, I could easily locate the typo that caused the crash for MP3 files with empty artist field. Many thanks to Tim Ragnwald.

EasyH10 version 0.14 beta released, users' forum, final call for help (2005-07-12)

I'm pleased to announce that EasyH10 version 0.14 beta is released with both Win32 GUI and CUI versions. I assume this version to be virtually EasyH10 1.0 release candidate 1 even though I didn't get any critical evidence from users in that it could sort out "duplicated entry problem" or "missing entry problem". This release includes a few significant changes.

I also wish to thank the following contributors who always support me with enthusiasm.

The next topic. I opened a forum to exchange information about EasyH10 and iriver H10 player. Although there's a EasyH10 thread at MisticRiver, it becomes too huge to exchange information. Therefore, I opened a special forum to ask a support, report a problem, submit a translation, etc concerning EasyH10. Please feel free to use it!

Since I'm planning to release 1.0 final by the end of this month, this will be the final call for help before releasing EasyH10 1.0.

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] Swedish translation released (2005-07-03)

I am pleased to announce that EasyH10 was translated into Swedish by Tim Ragnwald. As usual, download Swedish language DLL and put lang_29.dll into "lang" folder. Thank you for the effort, Tim Ragnwald.

EasyH10 [CUI] Version 0.13 beta released (2005-07-01)

I am pleased to announce that EasyH10 [CUI] Version 0.13 is released with true multi-platform support. I compiled EasyH10 [CUI] on several POSIX-like operating systems such as Fedora Core, Debian Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X, etc. woring on different CPU architectures such as Intel x86, AMD64, IBM Power PC, etc. I confirmed that EasyH10 [CUI] produced bit identical databases and playlists for all platforms tested so far. Although I distribute only the source code of EasyH10 [CUI], I'm pretty sure that you can use iriver H10 player on your favorite OS as long as you could compile it.

This release also includes a number of improvements and bug fixes for the CUI version.

I also wrote a manual for EasyH10 [CUI]. I hope this release will break through the limited support of operating system.

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] Version 0.12 beta released (2005-06-28)

Having forgotten the fact that iriver H10 does support WAVE audio playback, I added WAVE file support to media database construction. EasyH10 now recognizes song information in LIST/INFO chunk: title (INAM); artist (IART); album (IPRD); genre (IGNR); year (ICRD); and track number (itrk). Another major change is command-line options which are useful for automated processing.

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] French translation released (2005-06-21)

I am pleased to release the French language DLL presented by Simon Auger. He worked out the translation in spite of the difficulty regarding caption length from English to French. Let's enjoy the French-translated EasyH10 by downloading the language DLL and putting lang_12.dll into "lang" folder. Thank you, Simon.

If you are happy to contribute EasyH10 project as a translator into your native language, please read the instruction in Download page and contact me.

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] Germany translation released (2005-06-19)

As soon as I put out a call for the translation, three Germany users contacted me to provide Germany translation for EasyH10. I was a bit surprised but very delighted to get such quick responses from users. I asked the translation to Oliver Schmidt who contacted me the most promptly.

I am pleased to release the Germany language DLL presented by Oliver Schmidt. If you are a Germany user, enjoy the Germany-translated EasyH10 by downloading the language DLL and putting lang_7.dll into "lang" folder.

As I wrote in Download page, EasyH10 is being translated into French and Danish. If you are happy to translate EasyH10 into your native language, please read the instruction in Download page and contact me.

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] Version 0.11 beta released (2005-06-14)

Since the last release of EasyH10, I've got few bug reports and feature requests. I would like to freeze the functional expansion and release the version 1.0 early because I'm getting busier these days. In the first step toward the version 1.0, I release EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] version 0.11 beta, which will be the basis of the stable version.

Before releasing EasyH10 version 1.0, I would like:

So it would be grateful if you could report a problem (see FAQ), translate EasyH10's dialogs and messages into your daily-use language, revise my English in the dialogs, messages, and web sites.

Better than nothing... (2005-06-11)

I've been waiting for the Compile Farm to be ready for about three weeks since my home directory was missing. EasyH10 CUI source code is almost completed, but I cannot test the code because I don't have environments other than Windows XP.

Recently, SkaMike (at MisticRiver) provides me with a linux environment for testing the EasyH10 CUI version. Thanks to this, EasyH10 CUI is now successfully compiled on a linux environment. I confirmed that the CUI version generated a valid database from music files.

Although more tests and experiments for the source code are needed, I release the current source code as it is, hoping that it will work fine or be fixed by some excellent hackers. If you are interested in the CUI version, please download the source code from the download page and play with it. I have no idea whether this source code can be compiled or work on Mac OS X either.

By the way, SkaMike also told me that EasyH10 Win32 GUI worked perfectly on WINE. This might be an alterative way to use iriver H10 on linux environments.

iriver H10 Int'l firmware 2.05 (2005-06-09)

iriver released a new firmware 2.05 for H10 [5GB/6GB] International models. I confirmed that it is safe to apply the model template for H10 firmware version 2.04. Please specify the model template for 2.04 until I release an update version in the future.

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] Version 0.9 alpha released (2005-06-07)

I'm pleased to announce EasyH10 0.9 alpha, which finally supports H10 US 5/6/20GB models. I confirmed that this version worked fully (i.e., database conversion and playlist conversion) with an H10 US/UMS 20GB player (Many thanks, SkaMike).

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] Version 0.8 alpha 2 released (2005-06-03)

I found a serious problem in version 0.8 alpha 1. Please make sure to update it.

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] Version 0.8 alpha 1 released (2005-06-03)

I released EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] version 0.8 alpha 1 mainly for fixing "duplicating bug".

I believe that I fixed all known problems in this update and would like to move to the beta stage in the next release if we don't find any problem.

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] Version 0.8 alpha released (2005-05-30)

I released EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] version 0.8 alpha.

I would like to move to the beta stage, and release version 1.0 in near future. Please report bugs and suggestions that should be sorted out or added before 1.0 release.

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] Version 0.7 alpha 3 released (2005-05-23)

I found several bugs in EasyH10 Version 0.7 alpha 2. Please make sure to update it.

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] Version 0.7 alpha 2 released (2005-05-22)

This is a bug-fix release of track number ordering.

EasyH10 project page launched (2005-05-22)

I launched the EasyH10 project home page. Please report a problem (content, English, etc.) as I prepared this web site in a hurry.

EasyH10 project is now hosted by (2005-05-20)

EasyH10 project was accepted as an open source project in I commited the source code into CVS and am now preparing the official web site of the EasyH10 project.

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] Version 0.7 alpha released (2005-05-18)

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] Version 0.7 alpha was released with new features and bug fixes:

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] 0.6 alpha 4 released (2005-05-16)

An experimental update for international users:

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] 0.6 alpha 3 released (2005-05-15)

Another small bug-fix release:

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] 0.6 alpha 2 released (2005-05-14)

Small bug-fix release:

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] 0.6 alpha released (2005-05-14)

I released EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] 0.6 alpha to sync with the H10 firmware 2.04, which revised the database format.

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] 0.5 alpha released (2005-05-14)

I integrated playlist conversion into H10DB. So I renamed H10DBupdate to EasyH10, hoping that it will free users from iriver plus and make your H10 simpler. The change log:

H10DBupdate 0.4 alpha released (2005-05-09)

I decided to give the highest priority to the development of H10DBupdate, a Win32 GUI version of H10DB.exe. Today I released H10DBupdate 0.4 alpha to get more feedback from users, which is necessary for the development. I will resume the development of the CUI version after finishing the Win32 GUI version.

H10DB 0.3 alpha released (2005-05-08)

This is an enhancement update of H10DB with some new feature:

H10DB 0.2 alpha (internally) released (2005-05-07)

H10DB now supports WMA file. This is an internal release.

H10DB 0.1 alpha released (2005-05-05)

This is the memorable first release of H10DB, a H10 database generation tool with command-line interface. This version can only:

But it successfully solves the track ordering problem in my MP3 collection. LogoValid XHTML 1.0!