Table of Contents: EasyH10 [CUI] FAQ

EasyH10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is UMS? What is MTP?

Refer to this article.

I found a problem in EasyH10. How can I report it?

Please refer to this thread and report your problem.

Why does EasyH10 fail to convert my playlist?

Read the manual describing automatic correction.

How can I see the database files in my H10 player?

The database files are located in "\System\DATA" folder, which is hidden and inaccessible. However, you can see these files by entering "D:\System\DATA" directly to the address bar in the Explorer and pressing [Enter] key. Needless to say, the MTP users must use UMS trick to open this folder.

Does EasyH10 support iriver H10 shipped in the North America?


Does EasyH10 support iriver H10 20GB?


Does EasyH10 support iriver H10Jr. 1GB?

No. iriver H10 [1GB; color] seems to use a totally different database specification. I am developing a new tool that supports iriver H10Jr and U10.

Does EasyH10 support DRM'ed WMA files?

I'm not sure because I've never used DRM'ed WMA files. I suppose that EasyH10 will recognize DRM'ed WMA files located in the H10 player only if you transferred them by using iriver plus or Windows Media Player.

Does EasyH10 support Linux and MacOS X?

Yes. EasyH10 [CUI] can be compiled and work on Linux and MacOS X successfully. LogoValid XHTML 1.0!